Road Test: Does the KW DDC plug & play in the Ford Focus RS III convince on bad roads?

Already today we cover a large number of vehicles with our wide range of adaptive KW DDC plug&play and KW DDC ECU coilover kits.

Recently the YouTuber Matt Farrah tested the KW DDC plug&play coilover kit for the current Ford Focus RS in his YouTube channel “TheSmokingTire”. Many drivers of the Focus RS aren’t happy with the standard suspension. The OEM dampers and springs are very harsh for driving in everyday life. The YouTube video proves, this isn’t the case with our KW DDC plug&play coilover kit. Matt Farah drove in his video on a bad canyon road for this reason.

Also for the latest Ford Focus RS (DYB) we offer the perfect suspension for every demand. Apart from our KW Variant 3 coilover kit with it’s independently in compression and rebound forces adjustable dampers and our KW Clubsport coilover kit for regular track days most of our customers with a Ford Focus RS opt-in in Europe for our electronically adjustable KW DDC plug&play kit.

Matt Farah, the host of “TheSmokingTire” YouTube channel also rides a Focus RS. “After 18 month unsatisfied with the ride quality of my Focus RS the guys from Mountune USA reached out to KW to source one of their DDC coilovers.”

Matt, didn’t ride the Focus RS equipped with a KW DDC plug & play Coilover suspension on a race track, because his RS is his daily and he went for the YouTube Video in a canyon road with bad tarmac. “By installing this dynamic controlled dampers system what you get is a much high-quality adaptive shock that rides much better than stock but also improves so the cars handling by not upsetting the chassis through mid-corner bumps. High-quality adaptive shocks”, says Matt.

As one of the first suspension and coilover manufacturers, we offered adaptive coilovers, since 2011 that are compatible with numerous control systems of various automotive manufacturers for the Aftermarket Industry.

The complete suspension control system of the KW coilovers works via the Ford series sensor system which also controls the KW valves. As a result, only the standard suspension has to be replaced by the KW suspension and the KW DDC plugs simply have to be connected to the original plugs. With the DDC coilovers, it is still possible to switch among the different driving modes, Normal, Sport, Racetrack and Drift. The Focus RS OEM dampers aren’t controlled by a suspension ECU and don’t benefit of an active chassis control. The OEM dampers are controlled by the activated driving mode the driver chooses.

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